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Romeo Kattookkaran

Founder - Kentwood Films

Romeo kattookaran is an international award winning writer, producer and independent filmmaker whose work has been appreciated and recognized at film festivals worldwide. Romeo’s passion for film-making began back in motherland - India. The Indian cinema exposed him to the art of storytelling and inspired him to delve into the art of film production. The fusion of western films and his cinematic roots makes his movies extraordinarily unique.

With a dream to be one of the greatest film-makers, Romeo Kattookaran migrated to the United States of America and strived towards his goals. After ten years of his life and education in the United States, his dreams got wings when he launched the Kentwood Films International and the American Film Society. Romeo Kattookaran is now unstoppable!

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Kentwood Films International

With his visionary thinking, tremendous talent and commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation, Romeo Kattookaran founded Kentwood Films International in 2019. The mission behind Kentwood Films International is to bring stories to life with exceptional productions ranging from films to music videos and much more. Romeo Kattookaran with his team of skilled artists produce, compose, design, shoot and edit every necessary component to bring breathtaking stories to its audience. Kentwood Films International is driven by excellence and is one of the most trusted production houses by its clients and audience.

American Film Society

American Film Society is a Non-Profit Organization [501 (c) (3)] founded by Romeo Kattookaran and his acquaintance with a vision to spread the magic of global cinema in the city of Chicago. The film society aims to empower local and global filmmakers and make the art of filmmaking reach the masses by conducting workshops for the youth, conferences, training and film acquisition camps for local film-makers etc. In order to celebrate the talent of local film-makers the American Film Society also organizes an annual film festival called ‘Chicago International Indie Film Festival’ (CIIFF). CIIFF promotes the art and culture of independent filmmakers by providing them a platform to showcase their work in front of esteemed veterans in the film industry from across the globe who will be present in the city of Chicago. The film society supports and stands in solidarity with local film-makers and becomes a part in their journey of success.

Chicago International Indie Film Festival (CIIFF)

Chicago International Indie Film Festival (CIIFF) believes in empowering the art of film-making by independent film-makers. CIIFF brings international films to local audiences by providing the film-makers a platform in the city of Chicago.  Our objective is to encourage independent filmmakers who explore diverse ideas and thereby promote dialogue pertaining to various issues globally. The film festival has received active participation by filmmakers and artists from Chicago and other states of the USA along with overseas artists who visited Illinois for the film festival.

CIIFF brings international independent filmmakers and enables cultural exchange while manifesting talent in the city of Chicago. CIIFF aims to serve the film industry by supplying a forum for filmmakers to show their films to film buyers and distributors to view them. Moreover, the film festival serves as a medium for filmmakers to communicate and get associated with other film fabricators, media agents, professionals, qualified directors and supporters.

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Kentwood International
Amerian Film Society
Chicgo Intl. Indie Film Festival
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