Romeo Kattookkaran

Founder - Kentwood Films

Romeo Kattookaran was born on March 4, 1980 in Aloor, India. He is an Indian-American filmmaker and founder of Kentwood Films International, a production company known for releasing movies with meaningful messages that provide solutions to societal problems. He is a director, producer, and screenplay writer.



Kattookaran made his first major American debut in 2019 with the short film "A Wonderful Day." The following year Kattookaran created his first feature film "Mary," the second film under Kentwood Films International. Both films have received international attention and acclamation.

Kattookaran’s passion in filmmaking started at a very young age. He started his filmography career in India as an assistant director for Malayalam film industry. He had a taste for drama class and regularly participated in the improvisation acting shows in school-sponsored festivals. Romeo is the only one in his family to immigrate to the United States upon his admission to the New York International Film Institute in 2008.


On the eve of Christmas 2018, Romeo Kattookaran founded Kentwood Films International that gave wings to his dreams. It was through this production company that Kattookaran delivered his first American film "A Wonderful Day." This was a short film shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan portraying about feeding the hungry and reducing the amount of food wasted in society. "A Wonderful Day" received immense recognition through fourteen awards and marked success in the International film festivals.


Kattookaran moved to Chicago, Illinois in February 2020 to further pursue his cinematic dreams. Within a couple months the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States. Compelled to create another movie with a message and a solution, Romeo develops "Mary”, his first feature film. It focuses upon the struggles and sacrifices of the American healthcare workers, with the aim to show appreciation for them, to raise awareness of the importance of wearing masks, and to solve the mask shortage issue. "Mary" is set to be released in December of 2020.


Kattookaran is currently set forth for his 3rd venture and feature film.